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Virtual and Remote Services

In today’s environment, I understand that a lot of customers are concerned about their safety in regards to buying or selling their home. Well don’t worry because you don’t have to be! With the StephenEDGE Real Estate, I will assist you in showing your home and listing your home virtually! I have the technology to allow you to showcase your property from the comfort of your own home. Home buying and selling can be a stressful experience but with StephenEDGE Real Estate, I take on that stress so that you, our customer, can focus on what really matters, you and your family.

The Mission

StephenEDGE Real Estate doesn’t rest on it's past laurels. Stephen's success speaks to consistent dedication and effort and understanding his client's priorities and wishes. Stephen has put together a phenomenal marketing team that is second to none. While other agencies fixate on growth, franchising and expansion, he is committed to raising the bar for personal service and providing an in-depth expertise that no one else can match.

StephenEDGE Real Estate
Focused On Your Success

"I am deeply committed to making a difference. I believe dedication to service and socially responsible causes are crucial to my success and the culture of my business. As my company moves forward, I will continue to provide an exemplary lifestyle experience for clients while being a caring steward of the beautiful Las Vegas Valley."

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